trouble, trouble oh trouble.
trouble, trouble oh trouble.

Jul 28th
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“I heard from the guy that most of Red is about,” Swift said. “He was like, ‘I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.’ That was nice. Nicer than, like, the ranting, crazy e-mails I got from this one dude. It’s a lot more mature way of looking at a love that was wonderful until it was terrible, and both people got hurt from it—but one of those people happened to be a songwriter." — Taylor Swift, New York Magazine (x)

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Watch Taylor say the first single off the new album is ‘we got back together.’

Awkward pause.

Just kidding.

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“I tell my assistant “I’m busy! unless it’s Jesus or Taylor (Swift) don’t bother me”" —

Scott Borchetta (x)

"Scott, I have Jesus on Line 1 and Taylor on Line 2.  Who should I connect you to?"

What is your next move, Scott?  Do you:

Connect to Jesus before Taylor, thereby enraging Swifties everywhere?

Connect to Taylor before Jesus, possibly invoking a Holy Crusade against you by the church?

Create an unscheduled conference call between the three of you, and run the risk that Taylor and Jesus will find each other so interesting that they forget to talk to you at all?

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Once upon a time a few mistakes ago…

Once upon a time a few mistakes ago…

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Morning in Prague by Markus Grunau


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